Extending Your School Dining Hall Under a Budget

With increased pressure to fill admission spaces, many schools are having to think outside of the box when it comes to additional space for their students and staff. With educational budgets tightening, and many schools growing at an incredibly fast rate, fewer can afford to expand their facilities. So, how can you extend your current spaces in a cost-effective way? Especially heavily used areas such as school dining halls?

Outdoor Canopies and Shelters

Fortunately, at A&S Landscape we have just the solution. Our range of dining area canopies and dining area shelters are both space-efficient and cost-efficient, making them the perfect investment. These canopies and shelters not only relieve pressure on existing internal dining spaces but also offer students a space to enjoy their lunch outdoors under protected structures. Additionally, they offer a great way to bring back to life any underutilised and redundant exposed areas of your school.

With ample design flexibility, whether freestanding, or abutted to a wall, our outdoor dining structures are available with open sides or with side panels, glazed windows, and doors shielding from wind and rain. This produces a weather-protected enclosed structure, while also ensuring the canopy’s endurance and resilience. There are plenty of roof choices too, from straight to curved canopies, to one-way sloping – the choice is entirely yours.

An outdoor structure is an excellent cost-effective solution to alleviate dining room congestion while also providing a wonderful, shaded area for staff and students. This increases the quality of everyone’s break time and will be beneficial during Ofsted inspections.

When it comes to dining, it is so much more than just food. Ensuring that your students’ dining rooms are inspiring and encouraging in peer-to-peer engagement, will considerably improve both their social development and their learning experience. It’s never been more crucial to provide the right solutions for outdoor surroundings in educational settings.

Multi-purpose Dining Structures

The beauty of dining structures is that they are not just for lunchtimes. Although that may be your initial priority and the main purpose for installing one, an outdoor dining area can become an all-purpose space adding value to the school on so many levels. Therefore, installing one can open up a plethora of opportunities, and it’s an architectural element that keeps on giving. Here’s how:

  • Outdoor classrooms – lessons can be delivered outside, which will help keep children motivated and engaged due to the natural light, fresh air, and unique environment. This can aid and enhance their overall learning experience and participation in class, due to the betterment of their overall mood.
  • Extra seating – our canopies and structures can also be used as additional seating spaces during break times. In adverse weather conditions (which is very common with British weather), an outdoor covered area is a perfect place for staff and students to get outside and get a well-deserved break from their full day of teaching and learning. They’ll then feel more refreshed and relaxed when they return to their lessons.
  • Staff meetings and assemblies – with plenty of seating space the canopy or shelter can be the perfect alternative to a staffroom. Plus, with heating and lighting installations everyone can be comfortable and warm when the temperature drops.
  • Waiting room – an extra dry and shaded spot for parents and carers to wait for students or staff. It’s the perfect respite on those cold dreary winter days, or those unbearable hot summer days – yes, we do get those sometimes!

Bespoke Solutions

We appreciate that the need of each school differs, we therefore strive to provide a personal touch to deliver a bespoke canopy solution. Due to our design versatility, we can develop functional and economical canopy solutions with a range of various features to allow for almost any requirement. We understand that the aesthetics are also important, so we always ensure our design truly blends in with your school grounds giving it that extra wow factor.

We have the knowledge to produce exactly what you need, whether you require something subtle or a long-term product with a sturdy, windproof structure. All of our products are functional, user-friendly, and custom-made, with a wide selection of colours to fit your school branding.

Get in touch with us today, for a free no-obligation quote. A&S Landscape includes talented designers, knowledgeable engineers, and partnerships with some of the greatest technical consultants in the business. We understand you may have budget limitations, so we always offer cost-effective solutions and ensure to dramatically minimise both your time on-site and professional fees incurred right from the start. This ensures that your project gets off the ground without wasting resources or causing unnecessary inconvenience.