Entrance Shelters at Great Western Hospital in Swindon

Great Western Hospital in Swindon was in need of a duo of entrance canopies to improve its aesthetics. They were also required to protect patients and visitors from the unpredictable British weather on arrival.

What did the project involve?

A&S Landscape installed a bespoke Motiva™ canopy at Great Western Hospital to become one of its two entrance shelters. This model is available in hundreds of configurations, and the staff at the site – which provides a wide variety of healthcare services to people in and near Swindon – thought a Gullwing style roof would bring both interest and a modern feel to the building. We also added a Motiva Entrada™ to the grounds, which has an angled roofline that easily keeps out the rain and wind. Everyone at the hospital now benefits from the two canopies, especially in the wetter months, and they have brought something new and unique to this essential facility.