Curved Roof Entrance Canopy at Melland High School in Gorton

Melland High School in Gorton, Manchester, place a great emphasis on the importance of parents and carers as part of their school community.

What was the project?

Pick-up and drop-off are very busy parts of the school’s day, with many of those parents and carers at the school gates for their children. But of course, there are days when the wait at the school gates is less than desirable in the rainy Manchester weather! Melland High School wanted to improve the environment for all concerned and decided to install a brand new canopy cover.

With help from A&S Landscape, they chose a curved roof Motiva Duo™ canopy. Measuring in at 10 meters by 5 meters it was customised with Slate Grey steelwork and Opal polycarbonate roof. As an additional flourish to this custom canopy design, Melland High School also added high level panelling to one end of the canopy upon which to affix signage.

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