Covered Social Area at Thomas A Becket Junior School in Sussex

Thomas A Becket Junior School wanted to create an outside sheltered wellbeing and social area. This would allow the students to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air.

Project – Thomas A Becket Junior School add tepee canopy in Sussex

Product – Maxima Tepee

Requirement – The mental health department at Thomas A Becket Junior School in Worthing, Sussex decided to add a canopy to the outside space. The covered area could then be used as an enrichment and social zone for the pupils. The staff wanted the shelter to protect from the sun and rain and be aesthetically pleasing.

Solution – A Maxima Tepee canopy was installed at the school, measuring 5m X 5m. The fabric shade is made with waterproof PVC material so it can be kept up all-year-round. The Dusty Grey steelwork is the perfect match for the white roof, creating a stylish canopy.

Result – Now the pupils of Thomas A Becket Junior School in Sussex can spend time outside in their social area. Whether they need to talk to a friend or teacher or relax in the fresh air, the tepee is the ideal spot. It’s great that this school has recognised the importance of mental health at a young age by creating this dedicated area.

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