Choosing the Right Canopy for Your Space

Regardless of the space that you have available, there is sure to be a canopy to complement your particular project.

Whether your aim is to define specific areas or just enhance the overall aesthetic, a canopy can provide vital shade and shelter in addition to being a bold design feature. Design options are virtually endless. The vast availability includes fabric shade sails, straight and curved roof canopies, linear or cantilever designs.

At A&S Landscape we manufacture canopies right here in the UK. We believe quality is paramount and many of our designs have galvanised and PPC steelwork, unbreakable roofing, aluminium rainwater goods. Our growing list of repeat customers is a testament to the quality of our products and experienced installation teams.

Steel and Polycarbonate Canopy Designs

Cantilever canopy we designed for Ysgol Bro Alun

Our Motiva range of steel and polycarbonate canopies comes in a wide range of designs and sizes with straight or curved roofing. The main structure is powder coated steel to ensure they are long-lasting. Rainwater goods are always aluminium to ensure that they endure. The steelwork is finished in a Dura-coat™ finish to any RAL colour, so these canopies can be finished to your exact specification.

The most cost-effective widths for the straight roof Motiva Linear canopy are: 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm. Any size and shape can be designed and manufactured easily. Polycarbonate roof covering is either clear or opal as standard or coloured at extra cost. Additional options include side panels, roller shutter doors and post pads which can be any colour.

Fabric Canopy Designs

Fabric canopies we installed at The Perse School

Our Maxima range includes Shade Sails, Umbrella shades, Tepees and StarSails. These ranges are available with either shade cloth (which provides UV protection) or PVC sails which provide UV protection in addition to being waterproof. You will be amazed by the number of colours available with 40 options of PVC fabric. Shade sails can be square or triangular, set individually or overlapping, depending on the space. We will work with you on a bespoke solution to meet your exact requirements


Key Considerations When Considering a Canopy:

  • Any height restrictions on site
  • The size of the space to be covered (width and length)
  • Colour themes or branding considerations to match the surroundings
  • Position and number of posts – consider whether these will restrict movement or flow of people
  • Requirement for post pads
  • Groundworks
  • Choose of materials – steel and polycarbonate or PVC shade sail
  • Access to site – any restrictions
  • The use of the area – who is going to be using the space
  • Maintenance of the canopy – who will be maintaining the canopy


To discuss your options in detail, call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.