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Simple Pricing!
  • We are happy to price from drawings and can work with all file types.
  • Or simply follow steps 1-2-3
  • We can come and see you (although if you can follow steps 1-2-3 it saves a lot of time and fuel and means we have a good idea of your needs ahead of coming to site)
  • We will always carry out a full site survery before proceeding
Pricing Step 1
Step 1 Take a photo of the area;
these don't need to be professional!
Pricing Step 2
Step 2 Send your picture and measurements and any other information you can think of to, from this we can work your price or we'll give you a phone with any questions we still have.
Pricing Step 3
Step 3 We will send you a budget price and can discuss providing a visulisation of the area.
Cyclo Brochure

For cycle stores we have a price list please click here

Maxima Brochure

For a guide price on some of our popular maxima products please click here

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