Yellow school canopy with shutters at Gillshill Primary School in Hull

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yellow school canopy with sides and doors

20 meter long school canopy with sides and shutters at school in Hull

Motiva Linear 

Gillshill Primary School in Hull wanted to add more options for their pupils to spend time outdoors. They also wanted to add storage space to their play area. These two requirements meant that a secure, enclosed sheltered canopy alongside one of the school walls was the perfect solution.

Gillshill Primary School made a great decision to add a sheltered area to their school. They installed a Motiva Linear steel and polycarbonate canopy which stretched nearly 20 meters alongside one of their school buildings. They included three electrically operated roller shutter doors to the front elevation and glazed panels to the sides. This has created secure storage as well as a shaded and sheltered space for the children. The canopy is lovely and bright in yellow steel and the opal polycarbonate roofing lets in plenty of light whilst offering protection from UV rays.

The new school canopy is a lovely space which can be used for play, lessons, storage and more. Adding sides and doors has meant that the school can use their new covered area in even more ways.

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