Warlingham School in Surrey wows students with new outdoor dining canopy

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Students enjoy new outdoor dining shelter at Warlingham School in Surrey

Motiva Duo

Warlingham School had a large outside space close to the sports courts, which was looking for a sense of identity. As pupil numbers grew the school was needing more dining space and this area looked like a great solution. All that it needed was a large dining area canopy to offer pupils some shade and shelter.

A&S Landscape are specialists in school canopies and were more that happy to come up with some design ideas for Warlingham School. As schools grow in pupil numbers, the requirement for outdoor dining canopies is also growing. Having installed many such canopies recently, we knew that we would have just the thing. The decision was made to install a Motiva Duo, steel and polycarbonate canopy at an overall size of 25000mm x 10000mm.

The result is a huge new covered dining area which pupils can use to dine, socialise, learn or just enjoy some fresh air. The canopy is bright and smart and has Alu-Tuff (aluminium box profile) guttering and downpipes to ensure that rainwater is effectively managed, and the life of the canopy maximised. A lovely addition to a super school.

Find Out More
A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. Our gallery contains over a thousand picture of our work and you can view them here for some inspiration.

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