Umbrella shade in Northampton

Friars Academy add umbrella shade to playground

Maxima Umbrella

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Sometimes a space requires something to give it an identity and a purpose. There was an area like this at Friars Academy in Northamptonshire and it was crying out for something to ‘complete’ it. That something had to be useful and add a something new. A&S Landscape had just the thing and were happy to give their recommendation!

Having worked with schools for over 40 years, A&S Landscape have a great deal of experience when it comes to adding to school playgrounds. They installed a large Maxima Umbrella at 8000mm x 8000mm, with black RAL 9005 steelwork and velvet red fabric. The bold statement really does bring the area to life as well as adding a new space for students to enjoy, play and socialise under.

The area and the students all have something new, a smart Maxima Umbrella offering shade on hot days and shelter on rainy days. The addition of one of our post protectors means that the single upright is padded and won’t cause any problems to energetic pupils as they run off some energy at playtime!

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