School canopy at The John Wallis Academy in Kent   

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Wrap around school canopy at Ashford primary school

Motiva Linear

The John Wallis Academy is an all through 3-19 school in Ashford, Kent. The primary school campus were looking for a school canopy to wrap around two sides of the classrooms building, to provide shade and shelter and space to store things away from the elements.

The solution came from the Motiva range at A&S Landscape. The Linear canopy from this range is constructed from steel and polycarbonate. Gutters and downpipes match the steel colour and the roofing in opal polycarbonate provides optimal protection from UV rays whilst letting in plenty of light.

The canopy was installed in two large sections; 27.5m x 2.5m and 15.75m x 2.5m. The steelwork was Grey (RAL 7012), creating a modern and clean addition to the new school building.

The canopy creates a covered walkway round two sides of the school building, windows are protected from direct sunlight, helping to moderate the internal temperature on the hottest days. On wet days, the space is sheltered from the rain and playground items can be stored underneath the canopy without the need to move them each day. The children can play in the new space if the weather is extreme and the building looks very smart indeed. The canopy has brought many benefits to the school and is in keeping with the design and overall aesthetics of the setting.

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