Playground Shade Sail at Thomas Willingale School in Essex

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Red School Shade Sail

Nursery children enjoy playground shade sail at school in Essex

Maxima Shade Sail

The requirement at Thomas Willingale School was to add a shaded area. The younger children needed a space outside where they were protected from UV rays. Once installed it could be used for outdoor learning as well as play.

There are many designs and configurations of school canopy available on the market. A&S Landscape can install steel and polycarbonate canopies from our Motiva range as well as fabric roofed canopies from our Maxima range. We can also create bespoke designs if you have something specific in mind. Whatever you are looking for we will do our utmost to deliver it for you.

Thomas Willingale school chose a Maxima Shade Sail which they installed at 5500mm x 3500mm. The steelwork was Yellow (RAL 1003) and the fabric roof was Cherry Red.

The new shaded area is just what the younger children needed. Their nursery area is now complete with its bright shade sail completing the design. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than learning or having a story or just chatting under the shade sail in the garden. Something which the children are able to enjoy even on the hottest days of the year. Wonderful!

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