Outdoor seating canopy at Coleg Gwent, Newport Campus

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White college shade sails

Shade Sails create a modern outdoor canopy at Newport Campus

Maxima Shade Sail

Shaded outside seating space was the requirement for the Newport campus at Coleg Gwent. Coleg Gwent is amongst the best performing colleges in Wales and they are also one of the biggest with over 23,000 students. When the sun shone though, the campus was lacking shaded seating areas. The addition of some shade become top of their wish list.

There was a large area to be covered and the design wanted to be smart and modern, yet functional. With so many different canopies on the market it was hard to decide, but the shade sail from our Maxima range was selected. The structure was made up of two square sails on 6 uprights. The sails were white shade cloth which gave the modern appearance that they were looking for.

The resulting space now has modern tables and benches underneath and the shade sails look fabulous. This new area, which was previously an unused space, adds seating for students to eat and drink socialise or indeed study. All protected from the sun’s UV rays to ensure students remain sun safe. These sails can be configured in any number of ways, overlapping, square or triangular sails, or indeed completely bespoke canopies.

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