Outdoor dining canopy at Lymm High School in Cheshire           

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Grey steel dining canopy

Steel and polycarbonate outdoor dining canopy at Lymm High School

Motiva Duo

Lymm High School is a delightful secondary school in rural Cheshire. The campus had an unused courtyard area which could have been put to much better use, so they decided to look for an outdoor dining canopy which could be used all year round by the students. It needed to be covered and have sides to protect people from the very worst of the weather. They needed a bespoke canopy solution …

Working together with the architects, A&S Landscape built a steel and polycarbonate canopy from the Motiva Duo range. The curved roof canopy was constructed from steel and polycarbonate, with aluminium box profile gutters and downpipes. The sides of the canopy were glazed to give it an enclosed feel and ensure that the children could use it even in wet and windy weather. The steelwork was Slate Grey (RAL 7015) and the roofing was Opal polycarbonate. This smart combination has created a modern and stylish dining canopy at Lymm High School, which is enjoyed by students all year round.

Students no longer need to wonder if there are enough seats at lunch and break times. No more wanting a breath of fresh air but not wanting to be out in the weather. The new canopy has created additional seating and dining space and made the most of the previously unloved courtyard. All schools know that children enjoy the outdoors and now there is another lovely space for the pupils at Lymm High School to use.

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