The Mawney Foundation School in Essex add Tepee canopy

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New school Tepee in Romford provides shade for pupils

Maxima Tepee

The Mawney Foundation school offer a wide and varied curriculum and they encourage students to be outdoors as much as possible. It provides a different learning environment as well as a place for break times, relaxation and fresh air. An important factor is shade from UV rays as we all know, and to ensure there were enough shade options they decided to add a Tepee canopy to the playground.

The Maxima range of fabric canopies includes a number of different designs. There are ShadeSails, StarSails, Umbrellas and Tepees. You can choose from shade cloth which protects from UV rays, or you can opt for PVC which is UV and waterproof to give all year-round shelter. The Mawney Foundation chose waterproof PVC fabric and built the Tepee at 7m x 7m to provide a large area for students. With Red RAL 3000 steelwork and Grey RAL 7037 PVC the Tepee looks really smart and makes a statement in the playground with the bright red post pads to offer increased protection.

The children are pleased with their new sheltered area. It adds to their already fabulous playground, making sure that they can enjoy some fresh air and outdoor time even on the hottest and wettest days of the year. With the weather becoming even more unpredictable this is a welcome addition to The Mawney Foundation.

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