Large school canopy covers tiered seating at Netherwood Academy

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Netherwood Academy web1

School canopy at Netherwood Academy in Barnsley

Motiva Mono

Netherwood Academy is part of the Astrea Academy Trust, where the focus is on instilling the qualities and dispositions of Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Contribution and Happiness. This super school had a large tiered outdoor seating area that was enjoyed by the students at breaktimes and lunchtimes. To ensure that they could use the space all year round the decision was taken to add a school canopy to offer shade and shelter.

After considering fabric vs steel and polycarbonate options, the decision was taken to build a curved roof ‘Mono’ canopy from the Motiva range at A&S Landscape. This range of canopies offers a steel and polycarbonate structure. Steelwork can be in a range of RAL colours and polycarbonate comes in a range of colours as well so you can let your inner designer go wild.

Netherwood Academy chose Cobalt Blue (RAL 5013) steelwork and an Opal roof for their canopy which measures 16m x 6m. With aluminium gutters and downpipes all the rainwater from the large roof area will be effectively managed.

The resulting sheltered space is a large area where the students can gather, chat, eat, socialise or just relax all year round. Taking a breath of fresh air outside lessons will never be weather dependent again. Something so simple can make a big difference to the school day; taking a break and having some outside time has been linked to increased concentration and attainment, so this was a great investment by Netherwood Academy.

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