Greentrees Primary School in Salisbury add bright school playground canopy

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green tepee school shelter

Bright green playground canopy adds shade at Greentrees Primary School in Salisbury

Maxima Tepee

This is what the school says of itself “Greentrees is a vibrant, outstanding school where we truly believe that learning should be fun. We aim to create a happy environment where all children can thrive and achieve success.” The opportunity to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather is what drove Greentrees Primary School to add a smart new playground canopy.

A&S Landscape have been working with schools to transform their outdoor spaces for more than 40 years so we knew that our wide range of products would have just the thing for the job. The Maxima Tepee was chosen as the best solution and we installed the canopy at a size of 6000mm x 6000mm, with waterproof PVC fabric. The posts were Grey (RAL 7037) and the fabric roofing was Green (RAL 6016).

The resulting canopy looks really striking in the playground. It adds a large space for the pupils to enjoy and the school add “Fabulous, we are very happy. The children are delighted with the canopy and used it in the brief spell of sunny weather as well as on a couple of rainy days!”

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A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. In our gallery you will see more than 1000 photos of our previously completed projects. Take a look to get some inspiration – gallery.

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