Ethelbert Road Primary School add a large yellow school canopy

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Large yellow school canopy

Ethelbert Road Primary School wow pupils with new school canopy

Motiva Duo

Ethelbert Road Primary School in Kent have an enclosed play area on their campus and it was in need of some shade and shelter. Somewhere that the children could enjoy no matter how strong the UV rays, or wet the rain. Something bright that would add to the playground and something large enough that plenty of children could benefit from it. This was the remit and A&S Landscape were keen to come up with a solution.

A&S Landscape can install many different designs of playground canopies, either during school holidays or in term time. Our teams are dedicated, experienced and have all the required permissions to work with schools across the country. Our range of canopies includes both fabric as well as steel and polycarbonate canopies and for this project a Duo canopy from our Motiva range was chosen.

The canopy was steel and polycarbonate, the steel was Bright Yellow (RAL 1003) and the roofing was opal polycarbonate. The canopy measured 8000mm x 5800mm and it benefited from aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Bright Yellow. This made sure that the rainwater was effectively managed. The new area that the canopy created was fenced with colourful fencing and it looks really great. The children are enjoying it all year round.

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