Cycle store encourages “bike to school” at Barton Court Grammar School Kent

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New cycle store at Barton Court Grammar School encourages cycling

Cyclo Bike

Barton Court Grammar School in Kent encourages exemplary behaviour and effort from it’s pupils. Children are required to try hard, focus and give their very best at this lovely school where standards are high. We all know the benefits of regular exercise and Barton Court Grammar School saw and opportunity to encourage more children to cycle to school by offering secure bicycle storage on site.

When A&S Landscape were contacted by the school they were happy to talk through their range of cycle storage solutions. The school decided to go with a Cyclo Bike product at 16800mm x 2400mm which included 16 cycle racks which could accommodate 32 cycles. The Cyclo Bike was installed in Slate Grey (RAL7015) steel with a clear polycarbonate roof.

The space was bright and flooded with natural light and looked very smart on the campus. The children and staff alike now have the option to cycle to school, knowing that their bicycles will be safely stored all day. Bicycles are an expensive item and it is important to know that if you arrive somewhere, that you will have the option to leave your bicycle safely and securely. Anything that schools can do to encourage their pupils to exercise regularly has to be a good thing, we think this looks great!

A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. Our gallery contains over a thousand picture of our work and you can view them here for some inspiration.

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