Coloured roof canopy at Gosden House special school in Surrey

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Gosden House add a bright playground canopy to their school in Surrey

Motiva Linear

The outdoor spaces at Gosden House School are delightful. There was one area adjacent to the playground which was looking for a new sense of identity. This space was perfect for some shade and shelter and a new design feature.

A&S Landscape have been working with schools for more than 40 years to help them enhance their outdoor areas. We have a large range of canopy products, including fabric and polycarbonate roofing options. Gosden House School chose a Motiva Linear canopy which has a powder coated steel frame and a polycarbonate roof. The steelwork was bright White (RAL 9010) and to complement this they added a multicoloured polycarbonate roof.

The canopy measures 9000mm x 4000mm and looks fantastic in the playground. The brightly coloured roof even casts a colourful hue on to the playground below in the sunnier months. The children at Gosden House School have the option to enjoy some shade from the sunshine or shelter from the rain no matter what the time of year. Being able to enjoy fresh air and some quiet time is extremely helpful for children with additional needs and this new canopy has met this need perfectly. We think it looks great too!

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