Green school shade sail 0

Playground Shade Sail at Blessed William Howard School in Stafford

This design has delivered a large shaded space in the school yard, just as Blessed William Howard were hoping for. They may choose to add seating underneath to encourage students to enjoy some time underneath it. We were pleased to be able to work at the school and we are sure that the children will enjoy the canopy for many years to come.

Red School Shade Sail 0

Playground Shade Sail at Thomas Willingale School in Essex

The new shaded area is just what the younger children needed. Their nursery area is now complete with its bright shade sail completing the design. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than learning or having a story or just chatting under the shade sail in the garden. Something which the children are able to enjoy even on the hottest days of the year. Wonderful!

Large yellow school canopy 0

Ethelbert Road Primary School add a large yellow school canopy

The canopy was steel and polycarbonate, the steel was Bright Yellow (RAL 1003) and the roofing was opal polycarbonate. The canopy measured 8000mm x 5800mm and it benefited from aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Bright Yellow. This made sure that the rainwater was effectively managed. The new area that the canopy created was fenced with colourful fencing and it looks really great. The children are enjoying it all year round.

Blue covered walkway canopy 0

Covered walkway at Sycamore Academy, Nottingham

The canopy was designed and installed with Marine Blue (RAL 5002) steelwork and clear polycarbonate roofing. It links the two school buildings well and benefits from post pads for added safety. The children, staff and visitors at Sycamore Academy are no longer exposed to the elements as they move around school. Whether shade from the sunshine or shelter from the rain, the canopy is doing its job and looking very smart at the same time.

two shade sails in school 0

Wistaston Church Lane Academy wow with school shade sails

The canopies are a real talking point and visitors to the school often comment on them. The children are happy because they can use the new shaded space to enjoy the outdoors even on the hottest days of the year. Imagine sports day without some shade for waiting and cheering children. This worry is now a thing of the past at Wistatston Academy. A&S Landscape were delighted to work with the school on this project and we are very pleased with how the project has turned out.

Green steel school canopy 0

Large playground shelter at Holymead Primary School (Junior Site) in Bristol

The resulting canopy looks fantastic. It creates a large area where the children can play, learn or socialise all year round. The post protectors are an added level of safety for the pre school children who are very pleased with their new space. The aluminium gutters and downpipes make sure that rainwater is managed effectively and that there are no drips in wet weather.

StarSail school canopy 0

StarSail canopy enhances The Courtyard School in London

The StarSail canopy is very smart indeed. The garden now has a focus and the children have an area of shade and shelter which they can enjoy all year round. Children with additional needs often need some quiet time to help them manage their day and this new canopy area adds another option for children at The Courtyard. We hope that they continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

coloured roof school playground canopy 0

Coloured roof canopy at Gosden House special school in Surrey

The canopy measures 9000mm x 4000mm and looks fantastic in the playground. The brightly coloured roof even casts a colourful hue on to the playground below in the sunnier months. The children at Gosden House School have the option to enjoy some shade from the sunshine or shelter from the rain no matter what the time of year. Being able to enjoy fresh air and some quiet time is extremely helpful for children with additional needs and this new canopy has met this need perfectly. We think it looks great too!

shade sails 0

Choosing the right canopy for your space

Regardless of the space that you have available, there is sure to be a canopy to complement your particular project. Whether your aim is to define specific areas or just enhance the overall aesthetic, a canopy can provide vital shade and shelter in addition to being a bold design feature. Design options are virtually endless. The vast availability includes fabric shade...

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