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Umbrella shade in Northampton

Sometimes a space requires something to give it an identity and a purpose. There was an area like this at Friars Academy in Northamptonshire and it was crying out for something to ‘complete’ it. That something had to be useful and add a something new. A&S Landscape had just the thing and were happy to give their recommendation!

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Entrance canopy in Bolton

Fighting your way through a doorway at speed to avoid a downpour, sound familiar? Unfortunately, faced with all that the British weather has to offer, there are likely to be very few people who have not experienced this scenario. Particularly pertinent in schools where there are lots of pupils and teachers using the same entrances at certain times of the day.

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Cycle Store in Salisbury

We are always being advised to do more exercise, be more active, do more sport, move more. The benefits of a more active lifestyle are irrefutable, healthier hearts, longer life, better state of mind. So, St Joseph’s Catholic School in Laverstock took the decision to invest in a robust cycle store to encourage staff and students to jump on their bikes.

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Playground shelter in Warwickshire

Rather than lots of distinct areas, a school campus needs to be joined up to give it the sense of being one site. Wilmcote C of E Primary School wanted to link two teaching areas. The area in between had been an uninviting space with no real sense of purpose. In poor weather children and staff dashed from one building to the next and in the summer there was no shelter from the sun’s rays.

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Playground Umbrella in Shropshire

Ludlow Junior School already had a fenced area with picnic tables in the playground which the children used, but it was lacking shelter. Either shelter from harmful UV rays or shelter from the rain on the more unpredictable days of the year. The idea of having a shelter which uses one central post worked perfectly given the nature of the space, so when Ludlow spoke to A&S Landscape they agreed on the perfect solution.

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Coloured roof school canopy in Preston

As Billingbrook say themselves “Outdoor education is very important to us as it helps bring the curriculum to life” The requirement was some additional outside space which could be used for a variety of purposes from classes, outdoor games, a space for young friendships to blossom and for that all important space for some time outside the classroom when children may need it.

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School canopy in West Yorkshire

Boston Spa school had a lovely outdoor sports and play area, but it was open to the elements and didn’t offer any shelter to the children. A sheltered area around the outside of the area, would offer a space to socialise, organise sports activities and have that all important half time team talk, so they decided to add a covered canopy area. A&S Landscape knew just the thing when they were contacted by Boston Spa School and the result really hit the mark.

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Outdoor school canopy in Derbyshire

Fritchley Primary school already had some outside space, but it lacked real purpose and identity as well as shelter. The children often had to abandon outdoor play and learning due to the unreliable nature of the great British weather. The ideal scenario was a new sheltered area which meant that the weather was taken out of the equation.

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School Covered Walkway in Cumbria

Newman Catholic School in Cumbria, was destroyed by floods during Storm Desmond and 630 children were relocated to temporary classrooms on the site of a former primary school nearby. The modular classrooms required covered walkways, to ensure that children and staff were able to move between them whatever the weather, remaining dry at all times of the year.

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