Large outdoor nursery canopy in North Oxfordshire 0

Large outdoor nursery canopy in North Oxfordshire

The result is a wonderful, functional outdoor area for the children at NOA’s Ark, which can be enjoyed all year round. The fabric is bright and engaging and complements the new nursery building perfectly. The quality of the products mean that the canopy will be enjoyed for many years to come. There are many designs, shapes and sizes of school canopies, from fabric ones like this, to steel and polycarbonate structures from our Motiva Range.

Coloured roof school canopy 0

Multicoloured school canopy in Lowestoft

The coloured roofing makes it a fun area and when the sun shines it can throw colourful patterns on to the playground below. How magical. The options for this sheltered space are endless. The children can enjoy lessons outside or sit and chat at break times. They can shelter from the rain or laze away the warm summer lunch breaks away from the sun’s UV rays. There are many designs, shapes and sizes of school canopies, from steel and polycarbonate like this one, to fabric roofed structures such as Umbrellas and Tepees. These can have shade cloth or waterproof PVC fabric, depending on how that are intended to be used.

White college shade sails 0

Outdoor seating canopy at Coleg Gwent, Newport Campus

The resulting space now has modern tables and benches underneath and the shade sails look fabulous. This new area, which was previously an unused space, adds seating for students to eat and drink socialise or indeed study. All protected from the sun’s UV rays to ensure students remain sun safe. These sails can be configured in any number of ways, overlapping, square or triangular sails, or indeed completely bespoke structures.

school entrance canopy grey 0

School entrance canopy at Ripley Academy in Derbyshire

The entrance is now clearly distinguishable, protected from the weather and complements the new building beautifully. Rainwater is effectively managed by gutters and downpipes and it looks great too. Ripley Academy are very fortunate to have such a tremendous school and we hope that they enjoy learning and socialising in their new campus areas for many years to come.

football spectator canopy Green 0

Spectator canopy installed at Haughmond Football Club in Shrewsbury

The new structure not only looks smart, it offers some welcome shade and shelter to the football supporters and spectators. They are protected from UV rays as well as rain on wet days. This means that they can offer their unwavering support to Haughmond Football Club, throughout the sean, no matter what the weather has in store. What a relief!

The benefits of cycling to school 0

The benefits of cycling to school

Children love cycling with their friends, so see if you can encourage your child to cycle to school with friends. You can go with them until they are comfortable and familiar with the route – lead by example!

Green school shade sail 0

Playground Shade Sail at Blessed William Howard School in Stafford

This design has delivered a large shaded space in the school yard, just as Blessed William Howard were hoping for. They may choose to add seating underneath to encourage students to enjoy some time underneath it. We were pleased to be able to work at the school and we are sure that the children will enjoy the canopy for many years to come.

Red School Shade Sail 0

Playground Shade Sail at Thomas Willingale School in Essex

The new shaded area is just what the younger children needed. Their nursery area is now complete with its bright shade sail completing the design. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than learning or having a story or just chatting under the shade sail in the garden. Something which the children are able to enjoy even on the hottest days of the year. Wonderful!

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