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The British International school in Georgia add StarSail canopies

The StarSails were shipped all the way from our headquarters in Shropshire to Tbilisi in Georgia, a journey of 2805 miles! As you can see from the photos the journey was worth it. The StarSails transformed the play areas and the children can now enjoy the warmer weather, safe from UV rays. Outdoor playtime and learning time are important parts of the school curriculum and these new additions expand the options for Children at The British International School.

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Shade sails complete primary school playground in Cheshire

The resulting area looks very smart indeed. The playground is visible from the road and sets the tone for the high quality and stylish works that have been completed at the school. The children are pleased to have such a special outside space which they can use all year round, protected from the sun and also the wet weather. We all know how important it is for young children to be able to run off steam and now they can without having to check the weather forecast!

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Outdoor dining canopy at The Coopers Company and Coburn school in London

An outdoor canopy can create a year round space for pupils and take the pressure off communal areas such as dining halls when schools grow. This canopy had a polycarbonate roof which offers both shade and shelter. Fabric roofs are available in two materials, shade cloth, which will protect from UV rays, and PVC, which will offer shelter from the rain as well as shade. This canopy looks fantastic and has made a big difference to students at The Coopers Company and Coburn School.

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Happy pupils learn more readily at school

There are a number of qualities that are seen in effective learners, perseverance and passion for example. But what is the link between happiness and student success? Daniel Gilbert, Harvard Psychologist defines happiness as “frequent positive feelings accompanied by an overall sense that one’s life has meaning” Research Schools International in the USA, conducted a study at St Andrew’s Episcopal...

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How shelters can be used to expand school provision

The Department for Education has a challenge to create the 420,000 new school places that are needed between 2016 and 2021 and there are a number of ways that this can be achieved. New schools are being built, free schools are being funded and existing schools are receiving capital funding to maintain, improve and expand facilities.

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Yellow playground tepee at St John’s School in London

The resulting Tepee with Yellow fabric roofing (RAL 1021) and Blue steel (RAL 5015) makes a bold design statement on the campus. Children have additional protection with the addition of post pads to all uprights. Where there was no shelter there is now a new area which, because of the waterproof fabric, offers both shade from the sun’s UV rays and shelter from the rain. Somewhere new for the boys to enjoy some fresh air, regardless of what the weather has in store.

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