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Sharnbrook Academy Federation in Bedfordshire adds Umbrella shades

The bright design of the Umbrella shades has complemented the campus at Sharnbrook Academy Federation. The new sheltered areas mean that the pupils have yet more outdoor spaces to enjoy at break times or even during lessons if the teachers are feeling adventurous. Outdoor learning has a lot of support, a new environment being cited as yet another way to engage pupils.

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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School create playground shelter with bright shade sails in Merseyside

The resulting area is a real design feature in the playground. The colours complement beautifully and brighten up the space. The new shaded area offers another option for the children to use outside when the sun is shining. A space where they are protected from UV rays. Perhaps they will use it to socialise, read, play or even have outdoor lesson. The staff and children are very pleased with their new outdoor sheltered area.

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Montgomery Primary Academy, Birmingham add striking shade sail canopy to playground

The children of Montgomery Primary Academy are rightly delighted with their new canopy. The space offers shade from the sunshine and shelter from the weather. This gives the children somewhere to be all year round, no matter what the weather has in store. Perhaps they might even decide to read outdoors or have an outdoor lesson now and again. The flexibility is one of the great things that a canopy can offer schools.

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Enclosed outdoor dining area at St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School, West Yorkshire

“The new dining area canopy from A&S Landscape has made a massive difference. Previously it was an unused, rather odd area of the school – now it has a purpose. The lighting and blow heating have also helped. A&S Landscape are an extremely professional company with pride in their work and they could not have done more to make this project go smoothly. A&S Landscape really wanted this canopy to work for us and they explored all solutions until it was right. We initially agreed a price and design, later in the process they came up with a much better design which removed all internal uprights. This was done without us requesting it and they did not charge for the additional work or structural changes.”

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Bevendean School in Surrey add a bright outdoor playground shelter

The children now have a new space, call it a classroom extension, a playground canopy, a school shelter, or anything else. They are enjoying more time outside, no longer limited by the weather. In fact, they can even have lessons outside now as well as spending more playtimes in the outdoors. A fantastic solution.

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Swinton Kids Nursery, Manchester complete new building with four entrance canopies  

The result is a very smart building, finished with matching entrance canopies. All doorways are nicely framed and visitors and children alike have shelter from the elements. The children at Swinton kids are rightly very proud of their new nursery. With such effort put in to the outdoor space, imagine what thought and effort goes in to stimulating and educating the children in their care! A great project, for a great establishment. Thank you Swinton Kids.

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Ton-Yr-Wen Primary School in Cardiff adds school canopy to playground

The smart new canopy was built at 13000mm x 5000mm and has created a large new space for the children to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather. They can have lessons outdoors, play, read, chat, eat, whatever they like. No more worries about what the weather is doing. The feedback has been really positive too –
“It is being well used, there is seating underneath and the children are enjoying it! It looks great, is well constructed and communication throughout the project has been exemplary. Furthermore, the professionalism and versatility of the installers was excellent. We would use A&S Landscape again in a heartbeat. Thanks again!”

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Dunstall Hill Primary School in Wolverhampton add modern shade sails to their playground

A very modern addition to the playground. The canopies have added a new dimension to the outdoor area. The children can enjoy eating at lunchtimes and socialising at break times, whatever the weather. We think they look really smart, we are sure you will agree. The Builder was pleased too, saying “We are now using A&S Landscape on another

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Buxton School in London welcomes visitors with new entrance canopy   

As you approach the school entrance you are greeted by the new entrance canopy. It guides visitors to the doors as well as giving them shade and shelter from the weather. Waiting is no longer something that you need to do huddled against a building if it is raining. There is plenty of space and we think it looks really welcoming!

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