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Falmouth School in Cornwall create school canopy for students

Bench seating was added which has encouraged students to watch friends and fellow students as they play on the nearby sports pitch. Students now have a new space where they are sheltered from wet weather and shaded from warm weather. The canopy is well used and adds another way to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors during the school day. The clear health benefits of time outdoors are well documented and Falmouth School are happy to be adding options for more outside time to their campus.

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Shade Sails at Shipley College, West Yorkshire              

The new space is wonderful, it has created a real feature of the seating space. Students and visitors alike now have somewhere to enjoy the fresh air no matter what the weather has to offer. The colours have made the area look modern and stylish, in line with the rest of the campus. Students can be found enjoying some down time between lectures in this new space, what a lovey addition to Shipley College!

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George Mitchell Primary School in Derbyshire install fabric school canopies

The playground looks very smart with the new canopies. The children can use them all year round for an endless number of different activities. They may choose to have a story safe from the sunshine or games at break times, even a picnic. Children have such a vivid imagination, they may even become space ships or rockets, who knows!

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Large school canopy covers tiered seating at Netherwood Academy

The resulting sheltered space is a large area where the students can gather, chat, eat, socialise or just relax all year round. Taking a breath of fresh air outside lessons will never be weather dependent again. Something so simple can make a big difference to the school day; taking a break and having some outside time has been linked to increased concentration and attainment, so this was a great investment by Netherwood Academy.

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Fabric school canopies at Hasland Junior School in Derbyshire

Hasland Junior School now have a lovely outdoor space to be proud of. Their children have areas which they can use on the hottest or wettest days of the year. They have options for outside lessons, storytimes, snack times or just chatting times. We all know how happy kids are to be outside so they children at this school are very fortunate to have so many spaces to enjoy.

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Outdoor dining canopy at Congleton High School    

The dining canopy has created a large sheltered space of 11m x 6m and has completely transformed the outside area. The new space will have seating installed and then students will be able to socialise and dine together whatever the weather has in store. No more crowded dining rooms or lack of seating. More and more schools are adding these outdoor dining areas and they can incorporate heating, lighting, side panels and even logos on the panels, there are plenty of options available.

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ShadeSail canopy at Sir John Talbot’s School in Shropshire   

The new space has some seating without shade and some with shade to offer students the choice of where to sit. The posts were fitted with post protectors for added safety and these were also in yellow to keep up the theme. It is a lovely new area which now has purpose and a modern canopy, we think it looks great, especially on a bright sunny day!

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