Ambulance Cleaning Canopy at Gateshead NHS Site at Spire House in Washington

The Gateshead NHS facility at Spire House in Washington, County Durham needed a canopy to shield staff from the elements while they were cleaning ambulances. The product had to be large enough to accommodate multiple vehicles and have a modern design.

What did the project involve?

A&S Landscape installed a Motiva Linear™ at the Gateshead NHS site at Spire House. Measuring 31200mm X 7500mm and thanks to the monopitch straight roof of its innovative model, the canopy was easily able to protect several ambulances and cleaners from bad weather. The team at the site – which boasts various warehousing and conferencing facilities – loves the classic look of the Squirrel Grey steelwork and Opal roof, and how the ambulance cleaning shelter makes their lives so much easier.

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