UK Festival Market Statistics: Thriving or Just About Surviving?

Summer is approaching which can only mean one thing, festival season is about to begin. From music, film and art festivals to family, food and fashion shows, Brits across the country dedicate time and money to all kinds of outdoor festivals every year. As canopy specialists who spend a significant amount of time working with businesses that host events, we’re interested in how weather, budget, audience trends, and more impact festivals. In this blog, we’ll detail interesting statistics on the UK festival scene. Have the number of attendees dropped or increased? How often does the weather cause cancellations? Which outdoor festivals are the most popular? We’re about to find out. Let’s dive in.

The Current State of the UK Festival Market in Statistics

1. The average age range for music festival goers is 18-35 (Source: TSEntertainemt )

2. By the end of 2023, the number of festival tickets purchased on one major event website increased by 51% from the previous year. (Source: Skiddle )

3. Of 100 festival organisations questioned on a survey about sustainability, only 46% admitted to having a public sustainability policy, 14% showed no evidence of any policy at all. (Source: Betternotstop )

4. As of May 2024, there have already been 45,522 artists on worldwide stages. (Source: JamBase )

5. Of all worldwide music festivals, Glastonbury in the UK boasts the most artists in one lineup, hosting 712 artists. (Source: JamBase )

6. The average festival ticket price per person is now £400. (Source: Skiddle )

7. The UK festival industry’s annual revenue rate is projected to rise by 5.7% from 2024-2025. (Source: Ibis World )

8. From 2018-2023, the festival industry grew in market size by 4.0% per year on average. (Source: Ibis World )

9. The UK’s largest festivals are Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury, which have all maintained demand in recent years, selling out in minutes. (Source: Ibis World )

10. In the first three months of 2024, 21 festivals were cancelled or postponed due to funding, a slight reduction from the previous year when 36 were cancelled. (Source: Mix Mag )

11. It has been estimated that the UK festival market will reach a record high of more than £3.22 billion by 2026. (Source: Mintel )

couple at a festival in the UK

The Festival Goers’ Changing Needs and Attitudes

12. Trends suggest that most people start to book festivals around June each year (Source: Last Minute Musicians )

13. More people are turning to payment plans, such as Klarna’s Pay in 3 methods, to purchase festival tickets over a long period.. (Source: Skiddle )

14. 65% of survey respondents said festival tickets were too expensive in 2024. (Source: Opinum )

15. 73% of festival goers say that watching live music at a festival boosts their mood and impacts buying habits. (Source: Retail Times )

16. 56% of festival goers care more about the environmental impact of festivals than they did in previous years. (Source: CGA )

How the UK Weather Impacts Festivals

17. In 2023, there was 11% more rainfall than usual, with July being particularly wet. This meant that Hyde Park and Lytham Festival had unfavourable weather conditions. (Source: Your Weather )

18. According to ShoeZone’s weather index , the top 5 festivals that are burdened with the worst weather on average are:

  • Lytham Festival
  • Whitby Gothic Weekend
  • Godiva Festival
  • TRNSMT Festival
  • Kendal Calling

19. According to ShoeZone weather index , the top 5 festivals that typically get the best weather are:

  • Summertime Ball
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Slam Dunk Festival
  • Reading Festival
  • Victorious Festival

20. Several festival organisers cancelled or postponed the events because of bad weather in 2023. (Source: NME )

UK camping festival

Taking a look at the data, the UK festival industry continues to thrive, albeit with some setbacks, despite current economic and weather conditions.

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