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Maxima School Shelter Projects

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Taking a look at previously completed projects can give you a fantastic feel for how a product can truly transform your school. When you buy a canopy or cycle shelter from us, it's not just the shelter you're buying. It's the confidence you get, knowing that A&S Landscape have more than 40 years' experience helping schools across the country add shade and shelter for their pupils. We work to help you choose the right product for your requirement, bringing benefits to students, staff and the wider environment.

Take the example of our work at Meole Brace Science College. We manufactured and installed one of the most secure cycle shelters you'll find outside of the Pentagon and when its popularity soared the day it was completed we were able to extend it to accommodate another twenty bikes. The aim and the end result was to increase bike use and reduce congestion. Something that in this instance we managed to achieve with good design and planning. A&S Landscape can work with you to discuss ideas, set out plans, overcome issues and install the canopy, shelter or cycle store that you are considering.

If you want any advice, please send us a picture of the space you'd like to transform - we will get some ideas and a proposal over to you, complete with pricing. You can also look at more than 1500 images on our website if you need some inspiration! Alternatively you can call us and speak to one of the team who will be happy to help on 01743 444100.

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