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The Clothworkers’ Foundation

The Clothworkers’ Foundation provides capital grants to UK charities, which have below £15m annual income. They also carry out proactive, regular and textile programmes.

Eligible Organisations

Eligible Organisations

Eligible organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • UK charities or non-for-profit organisations
  • The organisation must be working in one or more these programme areas - alcohol and substance misuse, disabled people, disadvantaged and minority communities, disadvantaged young people, domestic and sexual violence, older people, homelessness, prisoners and ex-of fenders and visual impairment
  • For a Main Grant, annual income must be below £15m
  • For a Small Grant, annual income must be less than £250,000
Suitable Projects

Suitable Projects

The grants provided are aimed at one-off capital projects, such as:

  • Buildings – purchasing, constructing, refurbishment or renovation.
  • Fixtures, fitting and equipment.
  • Vehicles.
Application Process

Application Process

Review the grant guidelines and frequently asked questions and decide on whether the Small or Large Grant Programme should be applied for an eligibility quiz should then be completed, which will provide access to the online application form.

Important Dates

Important Dates

There is no deadline for the programme. Applications are welcomed at any time.

Funding Range

Funding Range

The Trustees ask that a specific amount is not requested. The Board will decide the amount of grant to be awarded.

The Main Grants programme generally funds 10% or more of the project cost balance.

The Small Grants programme generally funds between 50% and 100% of the balance, up to a maximum of £10,000 (or £15,000 if it is a vehicle).

Grant downloads

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Guidance for Applying for Grants

Check the latest grant information on the relevant website

Check for full eligibility (for your organisation and for your proposed project / activity)

Read all guidance and supplementary documentation

Contact the grant directly to clarify any questions or issues

Apply for the grant, ensuring that all required steps are followed

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