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Sport Scotland – Sport Facilities Fund

The programme is aimed at supporting community facilities, whether this is building new facilities or upgrading existing ones. Projects must be for the public good, provide community benefit, not be for private gain and help to provide equal opportunities for better sport participation and use.

Eligible Organisations

Eligible Organisations

The following groups can apply for funding:

  • Voluntary sports clubs
  • Local authorities
  • Social enterprises such as leisure trusts
  • Area sports associations
  • Recognised Scottish governing bodies of sport
  • Charitable trusts, playing field associations, youth and uniformed organisations
  • Educational establishments such as universities, colleges and schools
  • Companies limited by guarantee

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Suitable Projects

Suitable Projects

The following project types are eligible for funding:

  • Playing, training or changing facilities (new or upgrading existing)
  • The provision of new changing accommodation
  • Meeting rooms with a sport related use
  • Floodlighting
  • Storage facilities
  • The purchase of major items of non-personal equipment with an effective working life of not less than seven years
Application Process

Application Process

Applications can be made online using the provided form. A Small Project Application normally takes two months. Large Project Outline Applications normally take four weeks, and Large Project Full Applications normally take two months.

Important Dates

Important Dates

Applications for both small and large projects should be submitted for the 1st of each month.

Funding Range

Funding Range

Two funding ranges are available:

Small Project Application

  • This is for project funding between £10,000 and £100,000

Large Project Application

  • This is for project funding of over £100,000
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Guidance for Applying for Grants

Check the latest grant information on the relevant website

Check for full eligibility (for your organisation and for your proposed project / activity)

Read all guidance and supplementary documentation

Contact the grant directly to clarify any questions or issues

Apply for the grant, ensuring that all required steps are followed

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