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Metropolitan Public Gardens Associations

The Metropolitan Public Gardens Associations gives small grants and practical assistance to community gardens and green sites across London.

Eligible Organisations

Eligible Organisations

  • Organisations, amenity groups and friends’ groups who are able to improve public open spaces
  • Applicants who demonstrate efficient management and community involvement

Applicants should be concerned only with green spaces which are open to the public.

To review the clients A&S Landscape work with click here.

Suitable Projects

Suitable Projects

The following project types are suitable for funding:

  • New planting activity
  • The provision of raised beds, troughs and trellis in connection with the above
  • New benches
  • Purchasing manual hand tools
  • Biodiversity projects
Application Process

Application Process

  • Review guidelines on the main website
  • Complete and send the application form, with attached information, to the email address provided on the website
Important Dates

Important Dates

Deadlines for each application review are as follows: End of January, April, July and December.

Funding Range

Funding Range

The grants normally range from a few hundred pounds up to £1,500 with occasional exceptions.

Grant downloads

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Guidance for Applying for Grants

Check the latest grant information on the relevant website

Check for full eligibility (for your organisation and for your proposed project / activity)

Read all guidance and supplementary documentation

Contact the grant directly to clarify any questions or issues

Apply for the grant, ensuring that all required steps are followed

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