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Awards for All England

Awards for All England wish to help the lives of local people and their communities by improving community and grassroots activities.

There are a number of outcomes that the grant would like a funded project to achieve:

  • Better training and development access with greater opportunities for people to improve their life skills
  • More integrated communities
  • Improving the environment
  • Improve activity levels and health for people and communities
Eligible Organisations

Eligible Organisations

  • A not-for-profit group
  • Parish or town council
  • Schools or health companies
  • Charities
  • Co-operatives
  • Friendly societies
  • Industrial and provident societies
Suitable Projects

Suitable Projects

  • Events, activities or performances
  • Equipment or materials
  • Training programmes
  • New projects or groups
  • Repairs or conservation work
  • Expenses
  • Transport costs
Application Process

Application Process

  • Read the online guidance notes available from the website link below before you apply
  • Complete and email the completed form to the email address provided
  • A decision will be made in approximately ten weeks
Important Dates

Important Dates

There is no deadline and therefore you can apply at any time. However, the application must be submitted at least four months before the project is planned to start.

Funding Range

Funding Range

£300 - £10,000

Grant downloads

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Guidance for Applying for Grants

Check the latest grant information on the relevant website

Check for full eligibility (for your organisation and for your proposed project / activity)

Read all guidance and supplementary documentation

Contact the grant directly to clarify any questions or issues

Apply for the grant, ensuring that all required steps are followed

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