Video Transcription

The MUGA arena has helped the school immensely. It’s enabled the children to play outside in wet weather, it’s also enhanced our PE provision a great deal.

My name’s Joanne Robottom and I’m the office manager of Zaytouna Primary School.

It’s enabled us to increase our football, we do cricket, we’ve also got Derbyshire county cricket that do an after school club for us. We have attracted interest from outside people as well that want to use the facilities during summer clubs so this is something that we’re looking in to.

It’s changed the landscape of the school, before we had what we referred to as the blue tent which was an undercover blue building. Very dark, very dreary. But obviously this has now improved it vastly.

The children think it is amazing, they were really, really surprised when we unveiled it. We had the mayor of Derby that came out, cut the ribbon, there were lots of balloons, the children were fantastic and they really, really love it. It is a good opportunity for them to get outside and do sport in all weathers.