Video Transcription

This is Wright Robinson College, it has just under 2,000 students. It is one of the largest 11-16 schools in the country and it serves the whole east side of Manchester.

Whole areas of the playgrounds which were uninhabitable because basically they were windy and wet, now children have been able to spread out around them, in fact the children use them all the time.

There are a multitude of companies offering canopies and shelters for schools, and sometimes it is a lottery who you choose. We chose A&S Landscape because of their work, their brochure and the work that we had heard of. They didn’t disappoint us.

The children now have a much nicer environment to work in and play in, and that’s important because school is not just about work. It is about making places friendly, nice places to go and socially nice as well.

The whole process of us installing the canopies, from design and first consultation was fantastic and brilliant. They kept to time. Dates and times were absolutely perfect, it was an excellent, efficient exercise. They do as they promise. They promised to manage the timings and they did all of that.

I would recommend A&S Landscape to anybody. The way that they managed and dealt with us, they were very professional. They did exactly as we asked and gave us great suggestions, and the children have benefited really well from the way that they have done the work.