Video Transcription

The changes that the canopy has made to the children at our school is just wonderful. Seeing their faces, it means that they’re able to get outside much more often than they were before. They love the rainbow coloured roof and it has become a really prominent and important part of their outdoor provision.

My name is Amy Storer and I’m the headteacher of Zaytouna Primary School.

Being an inner-city primary school, we don’t have too much green space so it’s really important to us that we try that bit harder to get colour and vibrancy into our provision.

The price of this canopy was really competitive in comparison with other products within the market. It was a no-brainer really to go with A&S.

It’s brought colour, it’s brought life, it’s brought energy into what was a very grey space.

Without doubt I would recommend A&S Landscape to other schools.