Video Transcription

My name is Paul Baker. I’m the Estates Manager here at Tewkesbury School. Tewkesbury School is a large secondary school serving the local Tewkesbury area with 1,400 students and 200 staff.

Having identified exactly what we wanted, A&S Landscape was extremely competitive to the like-for-like quotes we had for our project. We chose A&S Landscape based on the quality and time they had invested into the project before we placed this order.

Communications with A&S Landscape could not have been better. We were kept abreast of every step of the project and had regular updates for this project. A&S Landscape staff who were carrying out the work were very amenable to our request for access across the site. They showed extensive knowledge regarding the installation.

When choosing the canopy, we wanted to ensure the canopy was robust to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear the canopy may get. A&S Landscape advised us to use their aluminium guttering system that they included in the standard. A&S Landscape have a simple process where you are kept informed and consulted when decisions are needed.

I am pleased to say that we wouldn’t hesitate to go back and use A&S Landscape for any further work with the school estate. I highly recommend A&S Landscape if you are considering a similar project.