Video Transcription

This is a topic very close to our hearts. Having worked with schools all across the country, we understand just how many decisions need to be made each day and how precious your time is. We also understand that decisions by committee (governors meetings) can lead to rushed, even poor decisions particularly when some members have had no time to consider key features and benefits.

In our budget driven world, we understand that price is high on the list of deciding factors and is an easy and quick comparison. We want you to consider something else and that’s comparing like for like.

A cheap quote for an inferior product is not good value, you need to be sure that you are getting quality that really lasts and it may be that this is not always the cheapest quote. It means looking at the cost over the lifetime of the structure.

It means asking what materials may need ongoing maintenance. Materials like timber frames or plastic guttering and if they’re being used to lower the price of a quote, rather than provide long term quality. It is important to factor in the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Using our Motiva canopy range as an example, a steel structure with aluminium guttering is so much more cost-effective and provides sustainability for a long term solution and much better value for money.

At A&S Landscape we will match any written like for like estimate. So, if you’re looking for the best value, if you judge based on the structure that is going to meet your needs then you’ll find we cannot be beaten on price.

Often you’ll notice that suppliers can hide costs for additional items. Some things you can check are as follows; groundworks, are they included in the estimate? What are the gutters made of? Steelwork, has it been galvanised beneath the coated surface? Never be afraid to ask probing questions in your quest for best value.

Our job is to create the best outdoor shelter for your school and that doesn’t mean the cheapest initial quote, it means the shelter that will provide you with the greatest return on your investment over its lifetime. Click here to see why our canopies last longer.