Video Transcription

I am Chris Sanderson, I am the Site Manager for Rushcliffe School in Nottingham. We are a growing school, we are currently at about 1,650.

I was approached by the school leadership team towards the summer holidays of this year to look at ways of improving outdoor space, thinking about lunchtime breaks, library areas and areas for the students to socialise.

We identified the LRC quad, it was an area which historically has flooded. With the design team we met with A&S Landscape and within six weeks we managed to turn this area behind me in to an area which met the school’s needs.

A&S Landscape provided a quotation, they did a couple of visual sketches with various canopy options including different roof styles and materials. We looked at the different options with A&S Landscape and the leadership team and we are happy with the canopy behind me, right from planning through to the finished product.

Obviously we did a bit of research to find out what we were after. This ticked the boxes. I think ultimately we went with A&S Landscape because they came up with the product which was best for the school, and they actually gave us a complete plan from start to finish.

On site they were excellent, they always signed in, they always followed the health and safety remit of the job that was spec’d out and agreed with the school.

A&S Landscape were very professional, they kept communication going right through the project. From the ground-workers, through to the canopy construction team and the final product inspection and sign off. Yes, we are very pleased.

I would highly recommend A&S Landscape, we are very pleased with the canopy, we have had no issues with it. It works as per specification and we would always get A&S Landscape involved in future projects for canopies around the school should the need arise.