Video Transcription

My name is Jayne Reay and my role is the quality manager.

A&S Landscape have been really communicative at every step of the project really. From when I first met Roger to actually the guys who were here actually putting the canopy up, I came on site to make sure everything was alright. And everyone in between has been very, very communicative and very helpful.

Well I think it’s made a big difference actually, a lot of people have positively commented and said it actually makes the entrance look a lot more contemporary. It’s certainly added to the surgery.

We’ve had a lot of patients waiting outside in all weathers, obviously for the socially distancing rules and we felt it was something we needed for the patients to have a little bit of more cover.

A&S Landscape helped us with drawings, you know they want to quite a lot of a detail and sent us quite a few drawings and amended drawings for us to approve with all the details and dimensions on so that we knew exactly what we were getting.

I would definitely recommend A&S Landscape and in fact I have mentioned it to some other practice managers in the area if they were looking for something similar.