Video Transcription

My name is Ian Pritchard and I am the business manager at Kingsmead School in Hednesford in Staffordshire.

So Kingsmead School is a rapidly improving school. We are officially the most popular mainstream secondary school in Staffordshire. As a result of that growth, we are currently pushing 1,300 students but we are expecting that to rise even further next year.

As we grow, so does the need of the facilities and that’s why we contacted A&S Landscape to talk about putting a canopy in place.

This amazing glass-sided canopy is one of the solutions we’re putting forward to increase our facilities.

We were finding that we needed the space quite simply. The dining room could not fit anymore students in there, cramming in there as it is. So we wanted to increase catering space but also we wanted to create something that was modern and could stand against the setting of the 1938 school and offset it and would be exciting for the students and that’s an additional classroom space as well for some of the lessons.

At the quotation stage communication with A&S Landscape was very good. We did have a lot of questions for them. We were very pleasantly surprised with the quote that they gave and as a result we had to make sure that they were working to the scope of works that were given and again we were pleasantly surprised to find that they were.

We chose to use A&S Landscape following the tender process, not only because they were very, very competitive on their price but also because they had been so good at communicating with us and answering all of our questions during that process.

The canopy has changed things for the students and staff at the school. Not only do we have a larger space for catering, the students and the staff are able to use it during lesson times so several of our lessons have already taken place in here and it’s an exciting and different space for the teachers to move around in and use as opposed to the classroom.

A&S Landscape would be contacted again if we were ever looking to put another canopy in. We would recommend A&S Landscape to other schools.