Video Transcription

Haileybury is an independent private school in leafy Hertfordshire and caters for children from eleven to eighteen.

We were looking for a new covered playground, as the old one had seen better days. And we had a little look on Google and fortunately we came across a company called A&S Landscape, who we immediately found to be very efficient and provided a wonderful first draft for us.

We worked with them closely until we had what is now a gorgeous finished project. Their staff were very, very helpful. From the very start, A&S Landscape were clearly the company to go with. They were very accommodating and worked very well with Haileybury, as a school.

The project only took a few weeks, as these projects tend to do, went very well, and the end product we have today we are over the moon with. The finished project or the finished product is amazing. Everyone who has seen the finished product, are absolutely overjoyed, and the children can’t wait to start playing in it.

We didn’t only ask A&S to provide the covered playground, we also asked for some additional products. A couple of table tennis tables and also some of the garden furniture, which they also installed as part of the project. We overall are incredibly pleased with what we have got.