BBC’s Waterloo Road Adds Multiple Canopies to New Set

The whole team involved with Waterloo Road was pleased with the array of canopies. They have had the wonderful effect of lifting the atmosphere of the set and making it feel like a 21st-century school where covered outdoor facilities are used on a daily basis.

Project Specification

  • Steelwork:
    • Sapphire Blue - RAL NO. 5003

  • Roofs:
    • Opal

    • Terracotta

    • Buttercup

    • Moondust

    • Poppy Red

What was the project brief?

The team behind the BBC television drama series Waterloo Road in Manchester were looking for a range of canopies to install on the set of the new series. They wanted a pair of entrance shelters to work as the main backdrop for the school, plus shade sails and a straight roof canopy to protect cast and crew from the elements, spruce up the set with colourful structures, make it look more realistic as a modern school and create covered spaces outside for filming scenes. The production company approached us here at A&S Landscape and we were thrilled to help them revolutionise their outdoor facilities.

What was our canopy solution?

We used our expertise in the industry to advise the Waterloo Road team in picking out the products that would best fit their needs and come together as a fantastic variety of structures around the site. They chose four Maxima StarSail™ canopies – two measuring 6000mm X 6000mm with Buttercup roofs and two measuring 8000mm X 8000mm with Terracotta roofs. This canopy has a functional yet trendy design that is perfect for building atmosphere and these colours were chosen carefully with the Director of Photography to create just what they wanted to convey on camera. The shade sails looked fantastic in formation next to the school buildings – much like at a real-life, contemporary institution.

What’s more, we installed two Motiva Entro™ shelters on set. These were important as they would be featured often during filming, so the symmetric curved roof and impressive design made these a great choice for focal points and marking the ways in to the buildings. Built to specifications of 3800mm X 3800mm with Opal polycarbonate roofs and Sapphire Blue steelwork, they looked realistic as up-to-date entrance canopies and worked well from a practical standpoint to shield actors in the rain when arriving at the school during takes.

The final type of shelter the team at Waterloo Road settled on was the Motiva Linear™. They chose Sapphire Blue steelwork once again to create a cohesive aesthetic across the site and requested an alternating Moondust and Poppy Red polycarbonate roof which was both colourful and striking. The final result showed why this asymmetric straight roof model is so popular with schools. Plus, its versatility and large dimensions of 10000mm X 3000mm meant that the custom canopy could be used for many different applications – from a covered dining or socialising area for scenes to somewhere to shelter the cast and crew in between shoots.

What was the result of the multiple new shelters?

Everyone at Waterloo Road was pleased with the array of canopies. They have had the wonderful effect of lifting the atmosphere of the set and making it feel like a 21st-century school where covered outdoor facilities are used on a daily basis. The fabric shelters are really eye-catching with their contrasting colours and the entrance canopies are the ideal chief backdrop. The straight roof shelter was a welcome addition too, and they have all worked together to revolutionise the outdoor spaces at Waterloo Road and provide new location opportunities. They even make it easier for the team to deal with the unpredictable British weather!


“Very quick and professional, very polite to our staff – thank you!”

Waterloo Road team

About the client

Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name. It was first broadcast in 2006 and after ending in 2015 after 200 episodes, it was recommissioned for a new series in 2021. It has depicted the highs and lows of school life for students and teachers over the years, exploring subjects like grief, serious accidents, violence, abuse, pregnancy and relationships. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the production team, who were welcoming throughout the entire process.

How can shelters help schools?

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Where in the UK does A&S Landscape install shelters?

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