The Chantry School in Worcestershire Add Large Dining Area Canopy

Modern campus life at a secondary school like The Chantry School can be frenetic and busy. Many schools are finding that they are having to think outside of the traditional box in terms of easing the burden on the internal building resources.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Mono™
  • Steelwork:
    • Slate Grey - RAL NO. 7015

  • Roofing:
    • Opal

What was the project brief?

Dining shelter visual made for The Chantry SchoolThe Chantry School, located in the Malvern Hills village of Martley, is a secondary school with lots going on. With a range of amazing facilities for the pupils to benefit from, the campus is a hive of activity every day in term time.

As well as dedicated sporting, art, science and drama facilities, they also have a café which runs on a contactless payment system. This is a really efficient way to ensure the pupils are able to get their lunch quickly and have time to relax between lessons. Like so many other schools, though, The Chantry School wanted to step their dining provision up a gear. They wanted to construct an outdoor area dedicated to dining and that’s where A&S Landscape came in. The area in question was very much exposed to the elements, so they needed a shelter solution that took this in to account.

What was our dining area canopy solution?

Modern campus life at a secondary school like The Chantry School can be frenetic and busy. Many schools are finding that they are having to think outside of the traditional box in terms of easing the burden on the internal building resources. A&S Landscape are helping more and more schools to realise the vision of adding an outdoor dining canopy cover, that provides an everyday solution to this challenge.

For The Chantry School, the perfect shelter solution was selected from our Motiva Mono™ custom canopy range. This multi-functional product has a range of uses from playground shelters to dining area shelters, and with a range of ways to tailor the design, it’s an exciting option to consider. With a monopitch curved roof, one side is higher than the other and creates a pleasing arched effect to the canopy architecture.

The specific custom canopy options chosen by The Chantry School included the addition of vertical glass screening. This is a great way to provide additional shelter from the elements if, like The Chantry School, your planned canopy installation site is open to the worst of the wind and rain. For an additional design flourish, The Chantry School logo was also incorporated into the side panels, firmly planting it into the school’s everyday culture. With a subtle choice of Slate Grey (RAL 7015) for the steel shelter frame, and Opal polycarbonate roofing material the addition of the logo really emphasised this new school resource as a fundamental part of the school.

What was the result of their new dining area canopy?

With their new free standing canopy, The Chantry School have achieved the vision of combining additional outdoor space for dining, with an effective shelter which means their new dining area canopy is an all-year-round resource. The smart side panels with the inclusion of The Chantry School’s logo adds a great design statement, and with benches placed underneath, it’s a great space for the pupils to get outside during their lunch breaks.

One of the project aims of creating less congestion on the internal parts of the building at lunchtime has been achieved by offering students a fabulous new alternative in this outdoor canopy installation.

About the client

Many of the children attending The Chantry School come from the villages of Martley and the surrounding area. Martley itself is a rural parish but it is located just eight miles west of the city of Worcester. The whole area is a wealth of history and rural importance, sitting between the Malvern Hills and the glorious Cotswolds. The area itself has seen a growing population in recent years.

The Chantry School has been awarded Academy Status and has recently completed a £2.25 million building programme to ensure that it can continue to provide high-quality education to the increasing number of children in its catchment area. The development of their new outdoor dining canopy is part of their aim to enhance the social spaces for the pupils to enjoy. Ofsted officially rated The Chantry School at their last inspection as ‘outstanding’, and continuing this status has no doubt informed the decisions that the school has taken in how best to enhance their facilities as well as the curriculum offered. The high standards and the levels of achievement at the Chantry School are something recognised in the media, and the A&S Landscape team were privileged to be able to help them with this particular project.

Why invest in an outdoor dining canopy?

Outdoor dining canopy we designed for The Chantry SchoolTo give you a flavour of some of the reasons our previous clients have installed an outdoor dining canopy, here are just a selection:

  • They alleviate the pressure on other dining facilities inside the school building.
  • They create a discreet space for pupils to socialise in.
  • They can double up as outdoor learning areas too.
  • They put into constructive use under-utilised areas of the campus that would otherwise be wasted.
  • They give pupils an opportunity to spend more time out in the fresh air.

For more inspiration, you can download our brochure on dining area canopies.

Why choose A&S Landscape for your dining area canopy?

At A&S Landscape we offer advice, guidance and an outstanding approach to sales and installation. Even if you’re not sure yet whether an outdoor dining area canopy is right for your school, we invite you to contact our team to explore your requirements in more detail. There is no obligation to buy, but you will benefit from our combined expertise, gained over more than 40 years, of helping clients in a range of sectors to get the best shelter solution to meet their needs.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you find the right canopy cover, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].