School Creates Shaded Seating Area with Shade Sail Canopy in Stafford

The secondary aged children at Blessed William Howard School in Stafford enjoy their outside time but there was one thing that their school campus was lacking. A shaded seating area. On the warmer days of the year, there was no option for children to enjoy a seating area which protected them from UV rays despite there being plenty of room. A school canopy seemed like the perfect solution.

Project Specification

  • Product: Maxima Sail™
  • Size: 11700mm/ 7100mm x 7200mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Squirrel Grey - RAL NO. 7000

  • Fabric:
    • Rivergum Green

Blessed William Howard School chose a design which would offer them a large shaded area under which they could add some seating. They chose a shade sail canopy design. The sail was made of shade cloth, which offers UV protection but is not waterproof. It was a large size at 11700mm 7100mm x 7200mm, on three upright posts. The Steelwork was Grey (RAL 7000) and the fabric was Rivergum Green. A really smart combination that looks great.

Is alfresco dining a privilege or essential to students?

There are a wealth of confirmed benefits to alfresco dining as a part of the school day. As children spend a large amount of the day in a classroom setting, it is integral that they are given time to breathe at lunchtime. In spending this break outside, it not only promotes a relaxing atmosphere but can also reduce levels of hyperactivity in a student. If a pupil is directed to occupy their break inside, it can echo the classroom environment and prevent them from taking a sufficient amount of time to relax. Alfresco dining is also an extremely sociable activity, unconfined by the dining hall setting young people can mix with other year groups freely.

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There are other fabric roof designs in our Maxima range, these include the UmbrellaTepee and StarSail which offer alternatives to the shade sail.

This design has delivered a large shaded space in the schoolyard, just as Blessed William Howard was hoping for. The children will be able to enjoy this new area for many years to come.

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