Richmond Park Academy in London Installs Dining Canopy

The students at Richmond Park Academy love the new dining canopy. It has become an invaluable facility; break times are now a more pleasant affair as everyone can choose from multiple areas and have a little more elbow room when eating lunch.

Project Specification

What was the project brief?

Richmond Park Academy in London Installs Dining CanopyRichmond Park Academy in London was in need of a dining shelter to reduce pressure on its existing facilities and facilitate more comfortable break times for all. They were thinking of having a bespoke model installed so it would meet their needs exactly, with a sleek look to reflect the school’s values and glass side panels for extra protection from the elements. This would create a top-quality outdoor space where students could relax and take time away from their studies, no matter the weather. The team got in touch with us because they liked our product design and we had worked with the Trust before.

What was our dining canopy solution?

Richmond Park Academy selected a bespoke Motiva Linear™ after much deliberation. This was an excellent choice because we could then build the shelter to their specific requirements, including the glass panels on the sides to keep out the rain and wind. What’s more, the Motiva Linear™ offers a stunning straight roof design that instantly boosts the appeal of any outside area. Slate Grey steelwork and an Opal polycarbonate roof made for an attractive, modern feel, and the canopy structure easily matched the brief of an impressive dining shelter where children could eat and catch up with friends.

What was the result of the shelter?

The students at Richmond Park Academy love the new dining canopy. It has become an invaluable facility; now, break times are a more pleasant affair as everyone can choose from multiple areas and have a little more elbow room when eating lunch. The bespoke element of the shelter makes it a great selling point to potential newcomers and seating has been installed beneath it so it’s easy to relax between lessons. Plus, the simple yet contemporary design works well next to the buildings and the side panels mean that the structure can be used every day of the school year, despite the unpredictability of the British weather. We were thrilled with the feedback and wish the team all the best.

About the client

Richmond Park Academy is a secondary school that understands not all students are the same. It offers a varied and balanced curriculum that supports all their sportsmen and women, musicians, actors, authors and more in their interests. It is also academically rigorous and encourages excellence. The institution wants to enable the children it teaches to lead remarkable lives, and this showed clearly when we met the team and installed their canopy.

This client is situated in the London Borough of Richmond, which features the longest stretch of the River Thames. It is full of attractions that local people – like those attending Richmond Park Academy – are lucky to have on their doorstep. These include the beautiful Kew Gardens, the historic Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park, known for its deer and open green spaces. Richmond has also been a favourite borough of royalty and celebrities.

What are the benefits of enclosed shelters?

enclosed-dining-shelter-wednesfield-academyPartially or fully enclosing your canopy can help you to get even more use out of it. This can make it more adaptable to different uses – for example, you could use the space as a covered walkway or outdoor classroom shelter during the day and a helpful storage area overnight, thanks to the extra security.

This element can also allow you to further customise your structure. You can add electrical roller shutters to fully enclose it, with perforated or part glazed options to let in the light, and powder coating to contrast with or match your chosen colour scheme. What’s more, canopies can come with doors for easier access for your students or customers, and glass or polycarbonate sides on the whole or part of the shelter for additional protection from bad weather.

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What are the A&S Landscape values?

Our values are important to us and they are represented in everything we do. We strive to earn the trust of our clients through successfully delivering on all our projects, and we use our skills and expertise as canopy and shelter specialists to do so. We always remain approachable and honest, so our customers feel at ease while they work with us to create their ideal shelter. It’s essential that we provide excellent value for money too, and we’re able to do this by being a manufacturer and designer, as well as an installer. Plus, our creative products make us stand out from the competition.

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