Nice, neat job. Thank you A&S Landscape!

- Hamstel Infant School and Nursery

The Motiva Linear was installed outside one of the school buildings, on an area of the playground. Measuring 15m X 3m, there is plenty of space underneath for the pupils to play together. The slate grey steelwork gives the canopy a sleek, modern look which works well with the surroundings. What’s more is that the opal polycarbonate roofing blocks harmful UV rays, while allowing a safe level of sunlight through.

Already the shelter is a very popular place during break and lunchtimes, and it has been a great addition to the school. When it is rainy, windy or too sunny, the pupils can gather underneath the shade and shelter away from the elements. This allows the outside space to be used throughout the year.

The teachers at Hamstel Infant School could also take lessons outside without having to plan around the weather. The alternative learning environment offered by the canopy will help to engage the pupils and create a memorable class.

A&S Landscape offers a range of playground shelters in a variety of designs. Ideal for nurseries and primary schools, we can help you get better use out of your outside space. We also have an offers page, where you can find a list of products open to bids. To get more information, you can call us directly on 01743 444100.