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Playground Canopy in Northamptonshire

Posted on 02/02/2017

Oundle Primary School Colourful Canopies
We installed a Motiva Linear canopy to beautifully surround the outside of Oundle Primary School along two walls.

Project – Motiva Linear creates additional outdoor learning space at Oundle Primary School

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – It’s the little things. The tiny, seemingly invisible things. The ‘taken for granted’ things. It’s those things that can make or break an education.

It’s the extra attention, that little bit of praise that lifts a mood. It’s the smile in the corridor or the ten extra seconds to explain something until it is understood. The difference between good and great is not very far at all. In fact it is so close we can often miss it.

A lot is known already about the huge benefits of time spent outdoors. Natural light is a known mood booster and fresh air and a simple change of scenery can do so much to aid motivation and concentration. Yet outdoors never seems to go anywhere, it is permanent so we can take it for granted. It’ll still be there when the rain stops, when the weather ‘cheers up’.

However, all of those periods without access to the outdoors and without the opportunity to switch gears and step outside for a class will add up. Outdoor shelters are not so much a ‘little extra’ as a neccessity, up there with the smile, the time and the care it takes to help any student achieve their best.

Solution – We installed a Motiva Linear canopy at 21700mm x 2960mm and 15800mm x 7950mm to beautifully surround the outside of Oundle Primary School along two walls. This shelter was completed with Slate Grey (RAL 7015) steelwork and tasteful polycarbonate roofing in Clear, Mint and Daffodil. (This is one of the nicest combinations we’ve installed)

Result – The attractive result is what looks like an extension, bridging the gap between the inside and outside with a space in between that means outside learning and play can take place and be planned for the whole year around. What may seem like a little thing will actually make a huge difference to the education of students here.

Find Out More – To see more Motiva Linear projects in situ take a look at our gallery here and if you liked the look of the tasteful roofing colours you can find out more about our polycarbonate roofing here.

If you’re considering a playground canopy extension or an outdoor shelter for schools then our design team can have a proposal with you by the very next day.