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Playground Canopy at Cam Everlands Primary School in Gloucestershire

Posted on 24/07/2020

Shelter we made for Cam Everlands Primary School
Cam Everlands Primary School wanted to make improvements to the reception classroom area and allow the young pupils to spend more time outdoors. The staff decided to contact A&S Landscape, who designed, manufactured and installed a play area shelter.

What was the project?

To create an area of shelter and shade in the playground at Cam Everlands Primary School in Gloucestershire.

Which school canopy did we use?

After careful planning and discussions, it was decided to use our popular Motiva Linear™ straight roof shelter. This is a cost-effective product which can be installed either freestanding or against a building. In addition, we also installed a section of plastic picket fencing to enclose the area and complete the look.

What was the problem?

Cam Everlands Primary School in Gloucestershire prides itself on the fantastic education it provides for the local children. However, the team wanted to further improve the reception classrooms as they believe in giving an enriched school day for every single pupil, from the first to the final term. The teachers decided to add an area of shelter to the outside area by the classrooms, which would allow the pupils to play outside, as well as enjoy lessons outdoors too.

What was our solution?

Canopy we fitted at Cam Everlands Primary SchoolOur team installed one straight roof canopy measuring 13500mm X 3000mm. To match the school’s logo, the steelwork was finished in Moss Green which works perfectly with the Opal coloured polycarbonate roof. As this area was created for the youngest year groups, the teachers also wanted to add a layer of security by fencing off the shelter. To continue the playful and bright colour scheme, we installed multicoloured plastic picket fencing.

What was the result?

Both the teachers and pupils are thrilled with the canopy and fencing! During playtimes, the children can run around and make the most of the outside area, come rain or shine. The staff have also been planning lessons outside now they don’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather. From the warm summer months to the cooler winter weeks, the school will be able to enjoy their next shelter.

A little bit about the client…

Based in Gloucestershire, Cam Everlands Primary School strives to provide both an engaging and varied curriculum for every single pupil. It’s no surprise then that they wanted to also improve their outdoor space and incorporate this into their lessons. We thoroughly enjoyed working with such a great school who values the importance of fresh air and spending time outside.

Why add a canopy to your primary school?

Over the past 40 years, we have worked with hundreds of primary schools in the UK, installing a range of shelters, sail structures and cycle stores. Our versatile product range suits a range of applications, and often our canopies are used for many different purposes at the same school. We will highlight just some of the most popular uses of our primary school shelter range to give you inspiration.

Brighton Primary School Playground CanopyPlay Area Shelter

Much like Cam Everlands Primary School, many schools are adding a canopy or shade sail to their play area. This creates a sheltered space which can protect the pupils from the sun, rain, wind and even snow. Thanks to the unpredictable British weather, often school children have to spend their break times inside, meaning they get little fresh air during the day. By installing a shelter, the playground can be used throughout the year, no matter the conditions.

Cycle and Buggy Store

Our shelters also offer a secure area for bikes, scooters and prams to be stored. The unbreakable polycarbonate roof protects the bicycles from the weather, and we can also add side panels for additional cover. Lockable doors are another extra feature, giving you peace of mind that the contents will be safe.

Entrance Canopy

Both our curved and straight roof canopies are ideal for entrance canopies too. This is a great way of defining an entrance at a school, showing your visitors where to arrive and giving the best first impression. We offer our popular Motiva Entro™, as well as our new Motiva Entrada™ designs.

How can A&S Landscape help you?

Our team are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of canopies and shelters. We only use the best materials to ensure that our products stand the test of time. And don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our testimonials to see what our clients have said about us. Our list of completed projects is ever-growing and we would love to add you to the list.

Whether you need help choosing a canopy or have a specific design in mind, we can help you through every step. Get in touch with our friendly team today at [email protected] or ring 01743 444100.