Duo of Outdoor Shelters at The Vine SEN School in Leeds

The Vine SEN School in Leeds needed two canopies to increase the facilities available on its grounds. The staff wanted a lengthy shelter for convenient coverage and an entrance canopy to make a great impression on visitors.

What did the project involve?

We installed a duo of outdoor canopies on the grounds of The Vine SEN School. One of these was a

Motiva Cantilever™, which we built to measure 34715mm X 3000mm to offer plenty of shelter for students and staff alike when outdoors. The staff at the school – which provides education for people with special educational needs, aged 19-25 – also asked us to create a 3560mm X 1989mm Motiva Entrada™, a model which spruces up the way in to any building, thanks to its attractive straight roof design. The two products have hugely improved the institution’s outdoor facilities and prove useful for the whole community.