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Curved Canopy at Mistley Village Hall

Posted on 24/03/2015

Mistley Village Hall Canopy
We were pleased to be employed by Mistley village Hall to install this 10.5m x 3.5m canopy on their building in Essex.

Project – Curved roof canopy at Mistley Village Hall

Product – Motiva Mono

Requirement – Structures should last, shouldn’t they?

When we add a new outdoor building canopy or one of our playground shelters for schools we know they’ll make a difference in their new home for years to come. They’re built to last.

Mistley Village Hall was looking to add some shelter, a space they could use no matter the weather. Somewhere that meant outdoor useable space was available the whole year round. So when they contacted A&S Landscape we had just the thing in mind.

Solution – We installed this 10500mm x 3500mm Motiva Mono, monopitch canopy in a bold red steelwork and with opal roofing, giving shelter from the rain and shade from direct sunlight.

Connected to the building itself it is robustly constructed and offers a versatile outdoor area that can be used all year long.

Result – The result is a secure space, fencing keeping this zone private whilst the bold, robust and effective structure means year round use and an addition to Mistley Village Hall that will be used for many, many years.

Find Out More – If you’re looking to add resilient space that will truly last then take a look at our full range of outdoor shelters and canopies.

And if you’re not absolutely sure what you want, but you know you are looking for something then why not get a little inspiration from people who’ve already taken the plunge?

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