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The Edward Gostling Foundation

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The Edward Gostling Foundation provides grants and funding to individuals and charities, mainly in the UK, with the aim of improving the lives of those in need. Priority is given to those with physical or mental disabilities or the aged.

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Eligible Organisations

Registered Charities and Overseas Charitable Organisations are eligible to apply. The charities must also have been registered for at least three years.

Suitable Projects

Grants are usually made for the following projects

  • Buildings – Funding modifications to homes, charities, special schools, hospices, etc
  • Respite – Funding towards short-term respite breaks and registered respite centres
  • Equipment – Provision of equipment to assist independent living

Application Process

When applying, charities must send the requested information on the organisation’s headed paper. Only postal addresses will be accepted via the address provided on the website.

Important Dates

There is no deadline for application. However, when making an application, confirmation of acceptance of their terms and conditions must be made.

Funding Range

There is no specified funding range, but large grants in excess of £100,000 will be an exception.

Funding and Grants for Schools

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