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Magic Breakfast

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Magic Breakfast, a charity dedicated to eliminating hunger as a barrier to education, has just announced that the Magic Breakfast Programme is open for applications.

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Eligible Organisations

Grants are offered to schools in deprived areas across the UK. To be eligible:

  • A school in England must have at least 35% of children recorded as Pupil Premium.
  • In Scotland, 55% of pupils should be in SIMD Deciles 1 to 4, and/or at least 35% eligible for FSM.
  • For a secondary school in Scotland, the percentage of students in SIMD Deciles 1 to 4 should be 40%.

Although not currently available in Northern Ireland and Wales, Magic Breakfast encourage applications from all over the UK, as they are currently looking to expand.

Suitable Projects

Funding is used to provide pupils with a healthy breakfast at the beginning of a school day, with expert support if required.

Application Process

Schools are invited to complete an expression of interest form, which can be found online. If the school’s records meet the eligibility criteria, their details are kept on a waiting list until funding becomes available.

Important Dates

This has an ongoing deadline, but projects will be funded in the order they are applied for.

Funding Range

This will depend on the needs of the school.

Funding and Grants for Schools

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