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Ironmongers’ Foundation: STEM Grants

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A funding boost for schools to help them encourage young people to study science subjects at school and to pursue STEM-related further education or vocational training, especially in engineering.

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Eligible Organisations

Registered or exempt charities in the UK, which includes schools, are welcome to apply.

Suitable Projects

Any project that champions STEM education for children and young people will be considered for funding. The funder has a preference for activities taking place in urban areas outside London, for example in the North and the Midlands where there is a manufacturing presence. However, applications for projects anywhere in the UK will be accepted.

Application Process

There is no application form. The funder asks that organisations provide a detailed description of the project with a full budget breakdown. More details on what you should include can be found on the Ironmonger’s Foundation website.

Important Dates

The next date for applications is 1st April 2021.

Funding Range

No minimum or maximum grant amount is given, but you will need to provide a full budget and explain how you have worked out your costs.


Funding and Grants for Schools

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