There’s a wide range of colours across all our products, you can see our range here. We can often offer any colour at no extra cost. Look through our gallery and case studies for examples of how colour can work in harmony with your surroundings and bring your whole structure to life.

All images in our gallery have a reference number, you can quote these with your enquiry and we can tell you what colour any specific structure is.

We build our structures to order, so the size is entirely up to you. We can advise you on economical sizing options. You can see some of the shapes and sizes we provide by looking through our gallery and case studies.

Yes, this is a very popular option for uses such as dining canopies where you may need to keep your students out of the weather. You can choose doors and windows in a number of styles, or even opt for shutters which can secure the space too. For examples, see our gallery and case studies.

Yes, this is a very popular option for uses such as dining canopies where you may need to keep your students warm and dry. Call us on 01743 444100 for further details.

Post pads are available as options on all products. They offer excellent protection against children running into uprights and are available in a range of bright colours. Please ask if you can’t see these on your estimate.

Sometimes you may need to secure access to different areas of your property, and we can easily do this with locks on enclosed shelters and canopies. If you need security such as CCTV or special lighting, we will also be able to fit these for you at the time of installation.

Just talk to us about your needs and we will build them into the proposals. Call to discuss your security requirements on 01743 444100.

If you have a specific design need that isn’t covered in our extensive gallery or case studies, then we can design and build a bespoke solution for you. You will receive detailed technical drawings and artwork to help you visualise the finished design. If you have bespoke requirements, talk to us today on 01743 444100.

All our structures are made from the highest quality materials and meet every government guideline for health, safety and durability. Our list of accreditations speaks for itself, and our product guarantees give you the peace of mind that you are buying the best quality available.

We have two fabric options – shade sail cloth or waterproof fabric. Typically shade sails are designed to offer protection from the sun and are manufactured from the highest quality shade cloth. Regardless of what other companies tell you, this material is not waterproof! (Some even call it ‘showerproof’!)

If you want a waterproof sail, let us know and we will price this option. Please see our colour range for both fabrics.

This question is usually raised due to misinformation around planning permission. Please note that even temporary structures can require planning permission, we will gladly give you help and honest advice with all your planning requirements. Call us for details on 01743 444100.

Most of our standard designs are fixed and do not retract. Because of their robust manufacture and high-quality standards, they do not need to be taken down in any weather conditions. Our shade sails should be taken down ahead of high winds or heavy snow, although we know most of our clients don’t do this and so far we have not heard of any weather-related problems We don’t use any specialist mechanisms that prevent you from doing this yourself, but we do offer this as a service if required.

Yes, most structures can be moved, and we can arrange this for you and ensure that all safety and quality features are maintained to the highest standards. If you know at the outset that your canopy may be moved in the future, please let us know as this could affect our product recommendations and how we carry out the installation. If you are looking to move an existing structure, please talk to us first. Call us on 01743 444100 today.