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Commonly Asked Questions

Will I need planning permission? Expand Minimise

Often, canopies don’t require planning permission, but it depends on size, usage and location. We can help determine this, please request our Condensed Guide to Planning Permission by clicking here. Should you need planning permission then we can make all the arrangements on your behalf. Call us on 01743 444100 to discuss this further.

How quickly can the canopy be installed? Expand Minimise

The installation of your canopy will depend on the design, size, complexity and any associated works, but many of our projects are completed within a week. Wherever possible we ensure contiguous sequencing, but please be aware that where there are different work elements this may not be the case.

Please note that with our Shade Sail range the posts will be installed, then the fabric manufactured to size before being fitted, typically two to three weeks later. For a more accurate idea of timings, call us to discuss your plans on 01743 444100.

How much will the canopy cost? Expand Minimise

This depends on your requirements, the size, roof shape, access to the area and the type of ground we’re installing onto. We can quickly assess this and discuss your requirements, make our recommendations and give you a fully inclusive price with no obligation. If you have a budget or maximum spend, we will fit our recommendations around your needs. Why not start the process, there’s no obligation and we will give you a fantastic price! Call us on 01743 444100 today.

Can I get help with the funding for my project? Expand Minimise

Yes, there are lots of sources of funding for special projects like canopies and shelters and you may be eligible for one or more of them. We provide a guide containing hundreds of funding bodies and grant givers, any of whom may be able to provide you with the resources you need, you can download this here.

How do you ensure student and staff safety during construction? Expand Minimise

We will work with you to put in place safety procedures in advance of our installation so that you have peace of mind that your children and staff will be safe throughout the process.

What colour choices do I have? Expand Minimise

There’s a wide range of colours across all our products, you can see our range here. We can often offer any colour at no extra cost. Look through our gallery and case studies for examples of how colour can work in harmony with your surroundings and bring your whole structure to life. All images in our gallery have a reference number, you can quote these with your enquiry we can tell you what colour any specific structure is.

What is your lead time? Expand Minimise

Our normal lead time is around eight weeks for manufacture and quality control. The school holidays are our busiest time for both manufacture and installation, so please order with plenty of notice if you plan on having installation during this period. Please also check that any quoted price allows for this option. For the most up to date lead times, call us on 01743 444100.